REVIEW・購入者の声 Lisa Galletti様


Art that smells of serenity, works that induce us to savor the wonders that nature offers us. The crisp smell of the sea breeze tickles our nostrils. The air is fresh, brisk and full of vital energy. It is still perceptible the moisture of the night resting gently on our skin. The scent of salt floods our senses, and we remain spellbound by the sun that, tirelessly, is about to cross the threshold of the horizon. He has not yet risen, Hiro portrays the aurora, the moment between dawn and sunrise. It is a narrow instant in the 24-hour time frame and yet, along with twilight, it is one of the most striking. The sea, painted an almost leaden blue, yields some of its darkness to be bathed in the shy rays of sunlight that, reflecting in the atmosphere, begin to radiate into space. The sea becomes shiny, on the waves it is possible to glimpse the whitish crest. And in the sky? In the sky are the most beautiful colors that nature can give us. The cerulean blue, the indigo, the barely perceptible
purple he fades into a cold, shyly energetic yellow. The orange-pink replaces the darkness to initiate one of the most beautiful phenomena a person can witness. Hiro’s art is an exhortation to contemplation, rest, and the emptying of any thoughts that plague our daily lives. It is a prayer to never take for granted what we see and perceive. In today’s fast-paced world, time has become something unnatural. Human beings, while remaining
animals, have lost touch with nature, with the day-night cycle and that of the seasons. We do not remember the feeling of walking in the grass or wetting our skin with the rain of a summer storm. In our gray cities, all we do is look at a Led screen for eight hours a day, missing all that nature has to offer us. Hiro, with her works, gives us a window on the world, moments of serenity and lightheartedness that cheer our souls managing to erase, at least for a moment, the oppressive thoughts and daily commitments that blur our vision. In the presence of artists’ works, the eye rests and shines with new light, as does our heart. The sky has the magical power to make us forget for a moment who we are and where we are, and Hiro knows this. She depicts the clouds, the aurora, the scorching sun illuminating a tropical paradise, and even space. For, if we forget the sun, the clouds and the color of the sky; even more we forget what lies beyond our atmosphere. Squeezed into our anthropocentric vision, we have forgotten the infinite vastness of the universe, forgotten that we are one speck among many specks in the cosmos. Our hearts, as well as our minds and our concerns are a nonentity in regard to space. By observing Hiro’s art, we slowly realize this and lose our arrogance towards creation.

Lisa Galletti

平穏のにおいのする芸術、自然が我々にもたらす不思議さをじっくり楽しむように仕向ける作品。海のそよ風のすぐに壊れてしまうにおいが私たちの鼻腔をくすぐる。空気は新鮮で、生き生きとし、生命のエネルギーに満ち溢れている。夜露が私たちの肌にやさしく宿るのをまだ認識することができる。磯の香りが我々の感覚を満たし、我々は、疲れることなく水平線の玄関口をまたごうとしている太陽に、ほかの事が考えられないぐらいに魅入られたままでいる。それはまだ上ってはいない。HIROは、夜更けと夜明けの間の瞬間であるオーロラを描写する。それは24時間の枠の中の狭い瞬間であり、薄暮と並び、最も衝撃を与えるものである。海は、ほぼ鉛色かかった青に塗られ、その暗さのいくばくかを、大気の中で反射し、宇宙に光を放射し始める太陽の気恥ずかしげな光線の中に泳がせる。海は光り輝くようになり、波の上には最高に白く見える頂きを垣間見ることが出来る。そして空には何があるか? 空には、自然が我々にもたらすことのできるもっとも美しい色々がある。 セルリアンブルー、インディゴ、冷たく気恥ずかしげに力のみなぎる黄色に変わっていくのがかすかに認識できるくらいの紫。オレンジピンクは暗黒にとってかわり、人が目撃することが出来るもっとも美しい現象の一つを始める。